Ars Educandi (ISSN 1230-607-X) is a scientific journal of Pedagogy at WNS UG. It is released every year and it raises issues important to social researchers. Our main interests are education, culture and society. The aim of Ars Educandi is to describe important topis and share results of researches - everything in the thought of pedagogy as an open cathegory, pulsing with different dialogues and dependences, filled with various discourses and matters. We are also open to new issues that appear along with social changes and improvement of technology - augment reality, game studies, gender studies, cybogisation, education in times of digitalised culture.

If you'd like to share your texts with our editors or if there are any questions you would like to ask, we would be happy to answer your emials. Send them to arseducandi@ug.edu.pl and we will reply as soon as possible.


  • The article should be saved as a text document in the Word (.doc) format and sent via email to the following address: arseducandi@ug.edu.pl - printed version and CD-ROM with the text are not necessary.
  • Use the Times New Roman font. Font size:
    - Name of the author(s), their affiliation - 12;
    - The title of the centered and bold - 14;
    - Intertitles centered, without numbering - 12;
    - Content - line spacing 1.5, margins 2.5 cm - 12.
  • Quotes in italics, without quotation marks, long quotes separated from the text, spacing 1.0.
  • Tables and pictures numbered consecutively throughout the article and with the title or caption:
    - Included pictures should be provided in formats possible to import tp MS Word, for example: tif, jpg, bmp, eps, pcx, wmf;
    - Pictures made in the internal MS Word should be integrated;
    - Elements should be grouped together (not drawn directly in the text file).
  • References should be placed in the text - in brackets (eg. Giddens 2010, p. 38).
  • The text should be constructed in such a way that the number of notes in the footer are minimum.
  • Names of the authors cited in the text should be shortened to initials and consequently used in the rest of the text.
  • References should be made the same way as in previous issues of Ars Educandi.
  • The text should include a summary in English, the title of the English text and keywords (4-6) in Polish and English.
  • The minimum waiting period for publication of the text is approx. 12 months. If opinions on the offered text are divergent, the waiting period may be extended.
  • Materials sent to the editor (prints, CDs) are not returned.
  • The main responsibility for providing information (authors, contributors) shall be borne by the declarant of the article. "Ghostwriting", "guest authorship" shall not be accepted, any attempts will be exposed.


Every submission must include a statement in which author/-s includes/- an information that the text is his / her / their own work and mention all the contributor/s that took part in creation of this particular text. You can download the statement by clicking this link: